A large majority of the hunters in and around San Angelo are leasing property to hunt during deer season. Many of these hunting parties fall into one or all of the catagories below:

  • Drive long distances to the deer lease
  • Have busy schedules February-September
  • Hunt in large groups
  • Have long hunting lease agreements
  • Spend extra money maintaining the deer lease
  • Manage the deer herd
  • Feed corn or protein during the off-season

If your hunting party falls into any of the catagories listed above, we may be able to help you.

During the off season months (February-September) we will be offering a feeder filling service to our out-of-town clients. We believe that most of the hunters in this area manage their deer herd and have some sort of feed program in place year round. This service will provide the mid to large groups of hunters a chance to split up the costs of filling feeders and save time in the process. Being a local business we have easier access to the ranches and can assure the that the planned feeding schedule will be kept up to date.

It is our goal to keep our out-of-town clients happy with all the services we provide and hope that this will be a helpful way of keeping San Angelo a sought after place to hunt Trophy Deer.